DEVOUR, the co-op survival horror game from indie developer Straight Back Games, tasks players with stopping a crazed cult leader possessed by a demon
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British indie developer Straight Back Games revealed today that their horror survival game DEVOUR is set to release January 28th. The teaser for the game, which supports up to four players, is available below.

DEVOUR sees players controlling ex-cult members who are on a mission to stop their ex-leader. Anna Puerta, the leader of the cult, was possessed by the goat demon Azazel. Her “rage and power will grow with every step the players take”. Players must race against time and “burn ritual goats, evade a growing legion of demons, and ultimately hope to break Azazel’s hold over Anna”.


DEVOUR will be available as a full launch on Steam as of January 28th. It will cost £3.99, which honestly seems like quite a bargain for this kind of game. Will definitely be grabbing this to play with friends. Will you be grabbing this? Or are these kinds of multiplayer survival games not your cup of tea? Let us know in the comments below!

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