Part of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's is available for everyone from today, for free.
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Part of Deus Ex :Mankind Divided’s preorder is finally available. This chunk of DLC, titled Augmented Covert Agent Pack, includes; the Desperate Measures mission, skins for main character Adam Jensen’s armor and trench coat, new pistol and rifle skins as well as various consumables.

Those of you on Steam these will all be available when you boot up Mankind Divided on Steam, however console users will have to download the DLC from the console’s store. For those interested, Square Enix is also giving away three digital books; a novella titled Deus Ex: Hard Line, a mini-comic called The Dawning Darkness and a mini artbook. These can be downloaded from this link. Mankind Divided’s next story DLC, A Criminal Past, is due early this year.

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