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Destroy All Humans Crash Lands On PS4

Destroy all Humans
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Today THQ Nordic have announced that Destroy all Humans will be making its way to PS4 in a re-mastered version.

For those who never played it on PS2 and Xbox back in 2005, Destroy All Humans follows the Furon alien race in their effort to continue cloning themselves using human DNA. Players take control of Cryptosporidium 137 (Crypto for short), an angry little extraterrestrial with a flying saucer and an array of anti-human weapons at his disposal. The game follows Crypto’s through 1950’s America as he attempts to rescue a captured comrade and harvest as much Human DNA as he can along the way, using his trusty Anal Probe. The game is full of carnage an humour and parodies the lifestyles, pop culture, and politics of America at this time. Crypto rampages across the country using Death Rays, Abducto Beams and a nuclear weapon called the Quantum Destructor, while the hapless government try to cover his deeds up blaming accidents or communism.

Destroy all Humans
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Reinhard Pollice, Business and Product Development Director at THQ Nordic has said:

“We’re happy to finally answer fans’ questions about what’s next for the Destroy All Humans franchise. Remastering the original for PS4 somehow makes every bovine encounter and governmental mishap even funnier – Crypto is at his absolute best on PS4!”

Destroy all Humans is available now to download on PS4 for £15.99/$19.99.

Are you looking forward to taking control of mankind’s greatest threat or were you hoping for a brand new adventure? Let us know in the comments section below!

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