People wondered if there would ever be snow in the Tower. Bungie decided that snow wasn't enough, which then started a new season of games and gifts.
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On December 13 the celebration of The Dawning started in Destiny.

Since the launch of Destiny, many people have wondered if there would ever be snow in the Tower. With snowflakes in the air and cold weather among us Bungie decided that snow wasn’t enough. Which then started a new season of games and gifts.

Besides gifts Bungie also wanted us to have the music they created to help make this season more memorable. Here is the music to The Dawning and the music to Winter Voyage.

The Dawning brought back many things this season. One of those things is SRL, which is the sparrow racing league, with two brand new tracks to race on. It also brought back modified versions of old strikes. Those strikes are The Shadow Thief, Nexus, and the Will of Crota. It adds a hard modifier and Devil Splicers¬†to the strikes. It even brings in some new exotics and even one old exotic. That’s right, the Ice Breaker is back. A few changes were made to it so it could fit into Rise of Iron but it still has the perks we know and love. It also brings a new Thunderlord-style machine gun with an element of our choice.

The Dawning is how Bungie will end 2016. It has been another year on progression for Destiny and in the Destiny community. The barriers of the Destiny world were expanded. Bungie says, “Pretenders to the throne of Oryx were overthrown. Guardians discovered the warm glow of Chroma. We avenged our lost heroes. Millions of you became Iron Lords. We met the machines’ wraith with our own. Along the way, we even privatized the Crucible.”

This was a big year for Destiny with Rise of Iron release and with The Dawning bringing back many things. Let’s see what 2017 will have in store for Destiny.

What did you think about The Dawning? Are you excited to see what 2017 will bring us in the Destiny world? Let us know in the comment below!

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