Destiny 2 Seemingly Leaked

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As Bungie gets ready for the launch of Destiny’s new expansion, leaks of an upcoming sequel announcement are starting to spread.

Destiny 2 was confirmed to be in development sometime ago when IGN reported Activision‘s CEO, Eric Hirshberg, said “The majority of the team at Bungie is actually focused entirely on creating Destiny 2.”

Activision gave further details outlining the goals they have with Destiny 2 in their financial report (Page 9):

Full Destiny sequel in 2017 to broaden the franchise’s global reach, which along with follow-on content plans, sets the stage for growth.

While Bungie has been trying to rectify some of Destiny’s bigger issues with patches and expansions. The general opinion is that the game is not aging well. Focusing on the sequel may be the wisest move to maintain the current player base and have a better chance of increasing it.

More recently, Kotaku’s news editor, Jason Schreier, tweeted about an imminent announcement of the sequel. Possibly coming after the launch of Destiny’s latest expansion, Age of Triumph.

The leaks have been stacking up, so much that in Destiny’s Reddit the mods saw fit to make a masterpost with all the leaks they can find.

The details can be summed up to:

  • According to the date on the leaked poster art, the game may be coming this Fall.
  • Destiny 2 aims at being drastically different from its predecessor, even if that means leaving some old assets behind.
  • It’s coming to PC and consoles.
  • Studios Vicarious Visions and High Moon are helping with the development of the game.
  • The Director (Luke Smith) and Executive Producer (Mark Noseworthy) of The Taken King expansion have the same roles in the production of Destiny 2.

Jason Schreier, Kotaku’s News Editor.

  • The Beta may be coming on June, most likely on PlayStation first.

Tom Phillips, Eurogamer’s News Editor.

Once Age of Triumph launches on March 28, we may learn more about their plans for the next game. Stay tuned for more news of Destiny 2 and let us know your opinions.

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