Guillmero del Toro has tweeted his thoughts on Konami once again, and the message is all too familiar and real.
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A little while back beloved director Guillmero del Toro took to Twitter to express his, errrr feelings towards Konami. Previously he had tweeted a tweet in which he said “F*** Konami”. Well, it appears that nothing has changed.

He later added to this saying “I meant ring, sorry- still, Fuck ’em”. It appears that Mr. del Toro is still unhappy about the cancelling of Silent Hills, and rightfully so. The game’s reveal was done by releasing a demo titled P.T. (Playable Teaser) which was wildly hyped and praised as one of the scariest games of the year. There is still no word as to what exactly happens, but I think del Toro certainly has tweeted what many of us gamers feel.

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