Death Stranding Will Run The Same Engine As Horizon Zero Dawn

Death Stranding
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Hideo Kojima has revealed the engine of choice for his highly discussed game Death Stranding will be the Decima engine. The announcement was made at the PlayStation Experience during an interview between Kojima and host Geoff Keighley, with Kojima stating that the engine is “very appropriate for work on open worlds”.

Now like me you have probably never heard of this engine, but you may have heard of the studio responsible for the engine. The engine was developed by Guerilla Games, who some of you may also know is the studio creating Horizon: Zero Dawn. The PS4 systems architect Mark Cerny took to the stage with Guerilla Games director Hermen Hulst to explain more about the engine. Hulst explained that the engine isn’t just about rendering, it’s also about the “entire world creation suite.”

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