The multi-award winning game Dead Cells is to receive it's second ever paid DLC since it's release onto Early Access in 2017.
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Dead Cells is set to get it’s second ever paid DLC at the end of this month. The game, which is developed by Motion Twin and Evil Empire, first entered Early Access in 2017. Since then the game has had 21 updates, but this planned DLC is only the second ever piece of paid content. The DLC, entitled Fatal Falls, adds two new biomes as well as items and weapons and even a new boss.

The two new biomes aim to spice up the heart of the player’s Dead Cells run. The gameplay trailer, shown above, shows off these new environments; The Shattered Temples and the Eternal Shores. The new boss is The Scarecrow, which early fans “may recognize is the Royal Gardener. who suffers from Malaise.” There are also new weapons, seven in fact! These are Lightning Rods, Ferryman’s Lantern, Scarecrow Sickles, Iron Staff, Serpent Fangs, Serenade, and Cocoon.

For those of you looking to get into Dead Cells, this may well be a perfect time. To celebrate the release of The Fatal Falls, there are a bunch of deals available. The Fatal Seed Bundle is available now for pre-order on Nintendo Switch. This includes the base game, both pieces of paid DLC, and all previous updates. This releases on January 26th and is priced at €20 (a 33% discount). This bundle will then release on all platforms at the same price also on the 26th. From January 26th through to mid-February, there is still a range of deals to be had. These are a 50% discount on the base game (€12.49), 33% off Dead Cells: The Fatal Seed Bundle (€19.99), or a 30% discount on The Bad Seed DLC (€3.49).

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