Dark Souls Trilogy Collection Announced In Japan

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Dark Souls Remastered is on its way to PC, Xbox One, PC and in a surprising twist, Nintendo Switch, but the Dark Souls news doesn’t stop there. Japanese PS4 fans of the series will be able to pick up a rather gorgeous looking Special Edition including all 3 titles.

The Dark Souls Trilogy box includes Dark Souls Remastered, Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin and Dark Souls 3: The Fire Fades Editions. Also included is an art set, a Dark Souls encyclopaedia, soundtracks for each of that games and a set of bookends featuring a Knight and a bonfire.

Dark Souls

The set is due out on May 24th in Japan but won’t be cheap, with a rough price of $450, and it hasn’t been announced in any other region as of yet. More information can be found here on the official Japanese website.

For those who missed the announcement of the Dark Souls remaster, it is coming on May 25th and will be playable in 4K at 60FPS when playing on a PC, PS4 Pro or Xbox One X. On the Nintendo Switch, the game will run with 30FPS and at 1080p resolution when the console is docked and running through the TV. The game will also support up to six players on multiplayer.

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