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Bandai Namco have officially announced details of the patch that has arrived for Dark Souls 3. Update 1.04 which arrived last night will fix multiplayer bugs as well as making certain elements easier.

The update announcement comes after creator Hidetaka Miyazaki announced that this will be the last planned installment of the wildly successful trilogy. To read our full story on what Maiyazaki had to say, click here.

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The update involved a range of tweaks and fixes across the board as well as easing some game elements. The conditions for optional events and getting Rosaria’s finger have been made slightly easier and characters who have never visited the Unintended Grave will not be teleported there. Another change is that kicks can no longer be parried and the efficiency of the Short Sword, Twinsword, and Magic categories have been adjusted.

As for bug fixes, fans will be pleased to know that the issue in which the game crashes and returns to title if the player gets disconnected from multiplayer should be fixed by this update.

For a full list of changes, visit the games Tumblr page.

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