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Daily Bulletin – 18th August 2018

Battlefield V
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Welcome to the Daily Bulletin for August 18th! This article will sum up some of the news stories from today, and hopefully will help keep you up to date. There’s not much today, only 2 stories so let’s jump into it.

DICE Have Teased Battlefield V’s Battle Royale In The Latest Trailer

Eurogamer are reporting that the teaser comes at the end of Battlefield V’s latest trailer. The teaser is apparently a ring of fire that we see get closer and closer to a group of individuals. There are also tanks in the ring of fire, which is fun. Depending which side of the tank you’re on. The trailer is available below!

A Mortgage Broker Has Calculated The Cost Of In-Game Housing

Thanks to an article I saw while on Eurogamer for the above story, I learnt that a mortgage company has calculated the price of housing should you want to know how much a house would cost in your favourite series. You can see a list of housing on the L&C website, but some standouts are;

  • Fallout; A house in would cost you 2000 caps (Home Plate for those wondering)
  • GTA San Andreas; Houses go from $25k to $1.1M
  • Stardew Valley; To fully upgrade the farmhouse will cost 2, 276, 220 Gold. 

If you’re a fan of useless facts, like me, I highly suggest the L&C website. What do you think of the Battlefield V Battle Royale? Will it be good? Or is it one of those things that could be left out of the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or tweet us @games_bulletin!

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