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It has been announced via a blog post that custom training in Rocket League will becoming available to all players in the next update. It seems that Psyonix have been listening to fan feedback and requests, as this custom training seems to have been based upon requests from the community.

“We’ve heard the requests for new ways to train and elevate your Rocket League skills and we’ve also seen the fantastic work done by PC modders with tools like Rocket League Trainer,  so we set out to build a feature that lets all of our players build and share their own training sequences within the community.”

Players will be able to create their own custom training sequences. When beginning this process, players will be asked for:

  1. A name for your creation.

  2. Which map you want to train in.

  3. What type of training sequence it is (Striker or Goalie).

  4. How difficult it’s going to be (Rookie, Pro, All-Star).

  5. Which “tags” best describe your training sequence (Dribbling, Wall Shots, etc.)

Players then begin creating the sequence of shots they wish to practice. Shots in this sequence can be added, edited or deleted. Editing a shot in this custom training mode allows the player to choose ball and car position, as well as editing ball speed/direction and even mapping out trajectory.

Rocket League
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Once a sequence has been successfully completed, the player can then upload the sequence for others to use. The sequence gets given a specific code that allows you to help friends find your sequence instantly, or it can be found via the browse option. Sharing will not be available cross-platform, but that is something Psyonix is working on.

For the initial release of this feature browsing will allow a player to see the top 50 most downloaded sequences. Any ones that you enjoy can then be marked as a favourite, and you will be updated when the sequence creator updates the sequence to a new version. All of your favourite sequences are stored locally. Psyonix explains that this means the player has the choice of playing the version of a sequence they stored, or playing the version that has been updated by the sequence owner.

I think this is a very handy feature. When I do get on Rocket League, I often find myself wanting to practice one particular shot (where you drive the ball up the wall and then glide it in after jumping off said wall) but it is quite difficult to do in the game’s free-roam training mode. Do you think you’ll be using this feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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