Crackdown 3 Will Be Release Earlier Than Holiday 2017

Crackdown 3
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During the recent Microsoft Game Studios Extra Life livestream a couple of extra facts about Crackdown 3 were revealed. Design Director Clint Burdock, Art Director Dave Johnson and Executive Producer Peter Connell revealed that the game may be with us “earlier” than the Holiday season in 2017. It was also revealed that Crackdown 3 will be playable in 4k on the Scorpio console when it does release. Microsoft’s Project Scorpio is due to release in the Holiday season of 2017 so it seems that we may have Crackdown 3 in our hands before the Scorpio.

It will be interesting to see what comes of the game. The game is placing a lot of emphasis on a Cloud system, using it to allow the player to destroy the environment on a unprecedented scale. Are you looking forward to Crackdown 3? I have played the first game briefly, but never got round to the others? Should I play them? Let me know what you think by tweeting @games_bulletin! The two source clips are available below.

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