Circuit Breakers Released For PS4

Circuit Breakers
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Circuit Breakers, the fast paced co-op twin stick shooter from Excalibur Games, is now available for PS4, with a 20% discount for PlayStation Plus members.

Circuit Breakers is a manic couch co-op top down shooter with an emphasis on old-school arcade gameplay. It features tonnes of frantic levels with hoards of enemies and regular boss battles. Players can choose from 8 characters, each with unique weapons which call for different play-styles which can be switched in and out during play. As well as an arcade mode, Circuit Breakers features a score attack mode and a challenge board, allowing players to unlock secrets by meeting certain requirements.

Circuit Breakers has been around for a while on Steam and was well received by players, with 88% of users giving positive reviews. The PlayStation 4 version supports 4 player co-op where as the PC (and upcoming Xbox One) versions supports 6. The game will be slightly different depending on PS4 models, with the PS4 pro version taking advantage of the additional processing power by adding more visual effects on-screen at any one time.

Circuit Breakers is available now for Steam and PS4, with the Xbox One version coming on August 6th.

We were lucky enough to get some hands on time with Circuit Breakers at EGX and without realising, burned through 30-or-so levels, which was a blast! Are you looking forward to some old-school arcade fun? Let us know in the comments section below or Tweet us!

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