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Cheating in games has kind of become something that affects every gamer one way or another. Doesn’t matter if you’re a cheater or not, pretty much everyone who plays online knows a cheater, is a cheater, or has rage quit once or twice (or more) due to someone cheating.

As technology and software advances it has become more tangible for any gamer to cheat or exploit a glitch in a game. I am also guilty of this, not necessarily cheating towards other players, more like exploiting a glitch towards AI or something in a campaign. I don’t care if people cheat or glitch in co-op or just the regular campaign, but it drives me absolutely insane when people cheat in online PvP type things. Besides the immense rage, it is pretty humiliating to be unloading on someone point-blank with your teammates and nothing happens. It is also pretty annoying when the person teleports or just vanishes (I’m talking about you Dark Zone).


Manipulating games has always been a thing, but it seems as if you can’t go a day without having atleast one incident occur in your server. Sometimes it pays to cheat and other times it does not, depending on what the penalty is, why would you even want to risk getting caught? From complete bans to just a slap on the wrist, companies handle cheaters in different ways. The slap on the wrist method is pretty upsetting for the common gamer since other players have nothing to lose. When you don’t stand a chance against a cheater in any game it can completely drain the fun right out of the game and ultimately make players lose interest. That means the companies lose money, when that finally starts happening is when the bans start being implemented. I personally think all companies should enforce bans (to an extent), just to show that there is a risk to cheating.

What do you guys think? Have you ever been banned for cheating? Let us know below!

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