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Following its recent beta Halo Wars 2 is implementing a few changes to the game. Developer 343 has fine tuned the game, making a few improvements and making some changes to help balance it out.

After receiving feed back from the beta the Locust and Bloodfuel Locust will be getting reduced DPS, shield values, and health. The Scarab is getting a closer attack range and loading times have been improved. Also there has been some bug fixing and improvements to multiplayer server reliability. The full list of changes and improvements is as follows:

  • Reduced the locust and Bloodfuel Locust DPS, health, and shields
  • Scarab can now attack units at closer range
  • Improved the responsiveness of Blitz card hand inputs
  • bigger, shinier helmets for the bro-dudes
  • Improved game performance
  • Improved UI responsiveness
  • Tightened skill matching to improve match quality of multiplayer games
  • Pointless list making multiplied
  • Improved initial loading times
  • Cloud fluffyness boosted
  • Bug fixes for card hand and units not responding
  • Improved voice chat functionality
  • Improved PC performance, hardware detection, and compatibility
  • More realistic roast pork smell on space barbecue
  • Improved multiplayer and network reliability
  • Lots and lots of additional fixes

Now, some out that may be made up but most of the things on that list will be implemented in the final version of the game when it’s released on the 21 February.

343 also announced that Halo Wars 2 players can earn up to 10 Blitz card packs for Halo Wars 2. Here is a rundown, as written by 343, of how you can earn them:

  • Blitz Beta – If you participated in the Blitz beta then you potentially have two card packs waiting for you when the game launches. You’ll earn one pack if you just launched the beta and another pack if you completed one match.
  • Halo Wars 1 – The team also hooked up Halo Wars 2 Blitz Packs to two existing
  • Halo Wars 1 achievements. You can earn one Blitz pack for completing the “Playin’ the Field” achievement and three packs for the “Adjudicate the Arbiter” achievement.
  • Halo Wars: DE – Get one Blitz Pack for completing the “Playin’ the Field” achievement and three packs for “Adjudicate the Arbiter.”

Other pieces of news include the games complete list of achievements and confirmation that there will be no map-making tools. Halo Wars 2 is an Xbox Play Anywhere title. That means if you buy it digitally on Xbox One or PC, you’ll receive access to the game–and all saves and progress–on the other platform at no extra cost.

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