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Microsoft Could Be Trialling Digital Buy Back Scheme

Reading Time: 1 minute An image has shown up on Reddit that reportedly comes from a survey Microsoft sent to some of it’s customers. The question, which can be seen below, asks if customers would be interested in selling back digital games to Microsoft once they are done with them. Taken from GameSpot The question lists 10% of the […]

Xbox One Price Drop For Spring Sale

Reading Time: 1 minute On March 20, 2016 the Xbox One dropped to $299, the cheapest the Xbox One has been in its lifetime. The Xbox One bundles will also be discounted by $50 for a limited time. The Xbox spring sale will begin on March 22 and will discount 150 items in the Xbox store. Taken From: www.majornelson.com […]

New information released on Telltale Batman:

Reading Time: 1 minute Telltale have released more information about their upcoming Batman game, confirming that it will not be based on any existing games, comics or movies. The game will be set in a modern day Gotham and will focus on both Bruce Wayne as well as Batman According to Telltale’s website, the player’s actions will help shape […]

(Rumour) Sony Are Developing PS4.5

Reading Time: 1 minute Rumours are emerging that Sony may be working on a new updated model of the Playstation 4, which will perform better and will support 4K. According to Kotaku, multiple sources have informed them that the updated PS4 will have a stronger GPU to allow for games to run faster as well as boosting the graphical […]

May Want To Think Twice Before Rage Quitting Pokken Tournament

Reading Time: 1 minute Pokken Tournament has been released and it may be surprising to some players, but there is in fact a penalty for “rage quitting” in online matches. It has always been a problem in online fighting games, someone gets upset or is losing so they quit mid-match. If you ignore warnings and quit matches, players will […]

Lawbreakers Will Launch Exclusively On Steam

Reading Time: 1 minute  Cliff Bleszinski and the team at Boss Key production, has announced at the Game Developers Conference(GDC) that their upcoming game Lawbreakers will launch exclusively on steam. Lawbreakers is a upcoming first person shooter that takes place in a futuristic reconstructed America in which the laws of physics have been shattered. This creates a new fast […]

Dying Light To Host First Community Bounty

Reading Time: 1 minute The people at Techland must really have a thing against zombies. Yesterday Techland announced that they would be holding the first community bounty event of Dying Light, more specifically for it’s expansion The Following. The bounty in question, called “Buggy Frenzy”, requires players to run over a total of five million zombies. Players have from […]

Destiny Updates For April

Reading Time: 1 minute Destiny update 2.2.0 will arrive next month, April 12th, with several new updates. What can players expect? Players will get new PVE challenges, new/updated gear, and a new quest featuring the Blighted Chalice Strike, as well as other things. Players will get an  increase to their maximum Light and rewards. Updates to the Sandbox and […]

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