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Pokken Tournament Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes Friday saw the release of Pokkén tournament, a collaboration between Bandai Namco and the Pokémon company. Pokkén is a fighting game that combines the style of Tekken with a range of 16 playable Pokémon. The first thing that I noticed about Pokkén is the graphics. The game sparkles in HD and the style of the […]

The Division Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes I give The Division a 7.5/10 Ubisoft’s, The Division, was finally released recently on March 8th after delay. But did it live up to the expectations and hype? In my opinion, yes. The final game did change alittle bit from the Beta to the release, because Ubisoft actually listened to the criticism. The character creation […]

Far Cry Primal Review (PS4)

Reading Time: 2 minutes FarCry: Primal – 8.5/10 FarCry: Primal was released this past Tuesday, February 23rd, and so far I am loving it. I have been a FarCry fan for years and this game was everything I hoped it would be. This game is not your run of the mill FarCry obviously, but it still “feels” like a […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Review (Xbox One)

Reading Time: 4 minutes Overall Score : 6/10 In the midsummer of 2015, Treyarch released a beta for the third installment into their video game series, “Black Ops.” Here I will be diving into all three game modes that come with the game which is the campaign, multiplayer, and the zombies mode. Ultimately giving them a score of at […]

Madden NFL 2016 Review

Reading Time: 2 minutes The new Madden game has reached some big improvements since the last one. Not just through the new roster, but the overall game play has improved. You have more options when it comes to passing the ball, and as a defender as well. I have played past Madden games, however none of which compare, in […]

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