Shredder’s Revenge Coming For Nintendo Switch

Reading Time: 2 minutes TMNT Shredder’s Revenge has been confirmed to be coming to Nintendo Switch. While we currently have no release date, we do know that the game features pixelated side-scrolling beat ’em up action

Root Film Review (Nintendo Switch)

Reading Time: 5 minutes Root Film is the next installment in the Kadokawa Game Mystery brand. While it does provide a good story and interesting mechanics, this is overshadowed by the unnecessary sexualisation of its female characters.

D&D Meets Fallout In Tabletop RPG Fallout 2D20

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fallout 2D20 is a tabletop game published by Modiphius Entertainment, and licenced by Bethesda, that allows players to live out their wastleland dreams on the tabletop

Visual-Novel “Sol Dorado Heist” Coming To Steam Late April

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sol Dorado Heist is a visual-novel game by Megalixir Games in which the character must attempt to uncover their past after waking up in an unknown room with amnesia.

In Rays Of The Light Review (Switch)

Reading Time: 3 minutes In Rays Of The Light is a remake of a 2012 game, set in an abandoned environment after a nuclear apocalypse. The game tells a message of humanity’s proposed self-destruction. But this is overshadowed by poor performance and a low framerate

Tandem: A Tale Of Shadows Set To Release Later This Year

Reading Time: < 1 minute Tandem: A Tale Of Shadows follows the adventures of Emma and a magical stuffed bear named Fenton, as they solve puzzles and investigate the disappearance of a young boy

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