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Sony’s Share Factory Update 2.0 Version…Is It Worth The Hype

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sony have updated their “Share Factory”, as Sony thrives on maintaining that the Ps4 is a gaming entertainment system. With their latest update 2.0, the user is able to capture 4K pictures and 1080P videos. GIF mode has to be the most entertaining feature in the new 2.0 version update. Gamers are now able to capture a small snippet of their favourite game, adding a tagline which can both be entertaining as well as providing a good chuckle to a few of your friends. Another feature which I personally found to be of some use would be the photo mode. It […]


EGX Has Another Record-Breaking Year

Reading Time: 3 minutes More than 75,000 gamers went to EGX at Birmingham’s NEC to be a part of the best gaming show in the UK. Hosted in partnership with Virgin Media, the show had over 200 playable games! The biggest advertisement of indie games in the world. It also hosted global first-play exclusive, which included Playtonics Yooka-Laylee and Bethesda’s Dishonored 2. The UK had some hands-on exclusives, which had the newly announced PlayStation 4 Pro, and games such as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Gears of War 4, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, Final Fantasy XV, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and more – all were […]

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