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No Man’s Sky Gets Release Date

Reading Time: 1 minute In a blog post over on the Playstation blog, it was revealed that highly talked about space exploration game No Man’s Sky has finally received a release date. This was revealed amongst other news. It was officially revealed that the game will be getting a physical release. This was announced alongside the news of a […]

Did Ubisoft Recycle Far Cry 4’s Map For Primal? (Speculation and Opinion)

Reading Time: 2 minutes Speculation is beginning to spread regarding Ubisoft’s Far Cry Primal and in all honesty it is not good. Now personally I haven’t touched the Far Cry series since Far Cry 3. I played Far Cry 3 and I loved that game. Everything about that game made me want to play more and I loved every […]

Twitch & Psyonix Announce RLCS

Reading Time: 1 minute If you’re anything like me you love Rocket League. I’ve spent more hours than I care to admit cracking jokes with friends over our mics all while attempting to out-do one another with our show-boating.  And now Rocket League is hosting a championship, in partnership with Twitch, allowing players to compete for a cash prize. […]

Uncharted 4 Delayed AGAIN

Reading Time: 1 minute If you are like me, you have been waiting for Uncharted 4 since finishing the 3rd instalment on the Playstation 3. Videos surfaced showing the quality of Uncharted 4’s graphics making fans and people excited for it’s release. After being delayed till March 2016 then April fans were bittersweet as they wanted to get their […]

Killer Instinct Season 3 Details

Reading Time: 3 minutes A blog post by Microsoft has provided some light of Season 3 of popular free-to-play fighter Killer Instinct.  Eight characters are set to come to Season 3. We know of four of these (Rash from Battletoads, Arbiter (Halo), Kim Wu and Tusk, with the remaining four being announced at a later date.  Those of you […]

Dark Souls 3 Publisher Launches Slashy Souls

Reading Time: 2 minutes Gamestop must really want you to pre-order Dark Souls 3, because they made a game about it. Slashy Souls is a mobile  endless runner from the developers Bandai Namco in partnership with video game retailer Gamestop.  Slashy Souls is very similar to the Dark souls franchise. You are a knight of some sort with a multitude of […]

Uncharted 4 Open Beta Speculation

Reading Time: 1 minute A possible Open Beta has been rumored for Uncharted 4. The listing was seen in the PlayStation store, scheduled for March 4-6. This would be the second multiplayer Beta for the action-adventure game. The post has now been removed, but not before NeoGAF was able to snag the details. According to the listing on the […]

PSP Losing The PlayStation Store

Reading Time: 1 minute North American PSP players will be losing the PlayStation store on March 31st. Luckily, players can still get access to the store by going to the store’s direct website. After March 31, you will still be able to purchase from the PlayStation Store website and access your previous purchases from the Download hub on your system. Players […]

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