Capcom Create A Mobile Business Division

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Following the success of Nintendo’s recent venture into mobile gaming, Capcom have established a dedicated mobile business division. According to a post on its investor relations website, the division “produce hit titles both domestically and abroad by aggressively utilising its most popular properties.” The division is set to release four titles by March 31st 2017 based on Mega Man, Monster Hunter and Sengoku Basara franchises.


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Capcom have re-released classic Mega Man titles and adapted existing Monster Hunter games in the past but have indicated that these upcoming title are going to be completely new. The company has described their overview as “development and distribution of smartphone content for the Japanese and Asian markets,” so it is unclear at present if these games will be available in the west but more news will be released in the future.

With the news that Sony have also formed a new company dedicated to making games for mobiles and Smart devices, it looks like exciting times for gaming on the go!

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