The game's first multiplayer expansion Comrades allows players to play with friends as members of the Kingsglaive
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Final Fantasy XV players can now play together thanks to the game’s first multiplayer expansion Comrades. Taking place after the events of Chapter 13 in the main game, the expansion allows players to play as one of the remaining survivors of the Kingsglaive as they fight to restore the Light to the world during Noctic’s absence.

The expansion allows players to create and customise their own avatar and partake in quests in the world. Players will wear the royal sigil, which will grant the player special powers while you fight with your teammates and take on “formidable foes and beasts”. In addition to the multiplayer, players can experience the story in a single-player campaign. Using the base of operations in Lestallum, the player can take part in a variety of quests and encounter “familiar faces”.

The release of the expansion is also coupled with a new game update that allowed the player to take on multiple hunt quests at one time and added new cooking recipes. The expansion can be purchased through your console’s store for $19.99, or is free for those who own the Final Fantasy XV Season Pass.

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