Users of the Nintendo Switch's online app can now use the voice chat with their devices locked, with some minor issues
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Good news for those of you who use the Switch’s phone app to chat to friends; you can now do it with your device locked! For those unaware, the Nintendo Switch uses a mobile app to allow players to chat to one another while playing. Players can also invite others to matches on Splatoon 2. However the issue was that the phone had to remain unlocked with the Switch’s app open. Now this is a thing of the past.

The app has updated on both iOS and Android allowing you to use the app while the phone is locked, or while other apps are in use. However it’s not completely issue free. Nintendo add that devices running Android 6.0 will not be able to continue chatting outside of the app if the power-saving mode is active. Nintendo advise that power-saving mode is deactivated to get the full use of the app. The Switch app is currently free, but when the online service launches in full in 2018 access to the online service will cost £20 a year.

Have you used the Switch Online App? Is this update beneficial to you? Or are you likely to start using the app now that you can use it with your device locked? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @games_bulletin!

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