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Today Faze took on 100 Thieves in Call Of Duty Black Ops 3. In the first game the gamemode was Hardpoint Faze lead the game 44 to 0 until 100 Thieves climbed back in and Johnny and Examples went on a 2 kill steak. When the Hardpoint switched to the 3rd Hardpoint both teams had to rotate to the next Hardpoint. Faze got control of the Hardpoint and was able to see the spawns and force 100 Thieves to spawn all the way on the other side of the map. As 100 Thieves tried to flood into the Hardpoint Faze held control of the Hardpoint until 4 minutes and 8 seconds when 100 Thieves was able to flood into the Hardpoint, clean out Faze and take control of the Hardpoint. When the Hardpoint rotated one again Faze Clayster got his Purrifer (flamethrower) and was doing a good job until 100 Thieves took control of the Hardpoint by doing the good old fashioned strategy of flooding the Hardpoint instead of rotating early. Faze won the first game 250 to 200. 100 thieves were very close the game almost went in there favour. But Faze however made a good comeback and were able to win the first game. Faze and 100 Thieves go into the second game confident in there team to dish it out once again in Game 2.


Game 2 was Search and Destroy. 100 thieves won the first round by eliminating Faze. In round 2 faze went hard and gave Attach a sniper. Attach was able to pick off 2 and then he went down. Clasyster then picked up 3 more and won the second round. Faze won game 2 with a 5 to 1 game. 100 Thieves could not clutch this game. Faze goes into game 3 with a 2-0 game lead. Going into the third game 100 thieves were on not playing to there best of their abilities.

Game 3 was Uplink. Faze plans to win this series 3-0. If 100 thieves can win this game however, the series will be a 2-1 and 100 thieves will have a chance to come back. Faze takes the lead 1-0 at the start but 100 thieves can not get in the game. Faze goes into the second half 8 and 2. 100 thieves can not catch up in the second half and Faze takes even more of a lead at 10 and 2 in the second half. Faze wins the series against 100 Thieves 3-0. It was sad for 100 thieves but after all Faze played all 3 games better and came out with the win.

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