Reading Time: 4 minutes

Overall Score : 6/10

In the midsummer of 2015, Treyarch released a beta for the third installment into their video game series, “Black Ops.” Here I will be diving into all three game modes that come with the game which is the campaign, multiplayer, and the zombies mode. Ultimately giving them a score of at least 10 (10 being the best and 1 being the absolute worst possible score), and also tallying up the scores to have a maximum total of 30 review points.


To be honest with you, the campaign was appalling, boring, and plain pointless. I hate to be blunt but that’s what it was. Usually, I love a good story in a game. For example, I adored the Modern Warfare series strictly for its story. Black Ops on the other hand, I felt, did not have a better story than Modern Warfare series but I still enjoyed the game. So as I went to my local GameStop and held the game in my hand I thought, “Wow this campaign looks sick.”

Then I got home and was severely disappointed. A basic overview of the products of campaign is a boring, and confusing story. On top of the lousy script writing, you get repetitive missions of just shooting people and fighting a boss (the same one over and over). It’s cool the first time but if every mission is just that, it gets boring. Oh and do not get me started on the mechanics. All Treyarch did for the Create-a-Class feature for the campaign was copy and paste the coding from multiplayer to campaign. I give this score a 5/10, five points just because they had a story (unlike Star Wars Battlefront which had no story).


After experiencing the horrendous campaign, the casual gamer would like to sit down and play some nice multiplayer. Well that gamer is in for a treat. As some would call the game’s multiplayer the “life boat” of this “sinking ship,” I agree to a certain extent. First off, I do like the whole concept of the system. You have your weapons, specialists, and killstreaks. I feel that compared to the previous Call of Duty (Advanced Warfare), the guns are farley equal in power so no gun is too over powered. However, one poor choice Treyarch made was to not include over powering killstreaks.

Another flaw in the “life boat,” is the way the maps fall into place in terms of layout. For example, Nuk3town, there is never an instance where someone is “camping” in the Bus, or laying down on the grass in one of the spawns (by the houses). But hey, it is not Treyarch’s fault for having their game filled with campers, “try-hards,” etc. All in all, I would give multiplayer a score of 6/10, six points because once someone overlooks the flaws; they can still have fun on the game.


Last but certainly not the least; we touch base on the zombies game mode. This portion of the video game is most likely the savior the gaming community has been asking for. Some people do not prefer the zombies game mode but once you play zombies you never go back. I feel as if the zombies storyline has a better one than the campaign. Usually, the storyline contains secret easter eggs and rituals you must follow in order to get the exclusive cut scene that brings everything together. To add on, the gameplay is very nice and the maps aren’t too awful.

The “Shadows of Evil” map is not the best map to play on but The “Giant,” and “Der Eisendrache,” are good examples for what I am trying to explain. Overall, I would give the zombies game mode 8/10 strictly for its gameplay and story and it losses two because of some glitches and that terrible map, “Shadows of Evil.”

The Gaming Sentence:

            To get right down to it, the total score this game gets is 19/30. By the way, a 19 out of 30 is similar to a 63 someone would get on a test; an F. The one reason this game is not the best is mainly because of its lazily slopped together hodge podge of story. However the multiplayer is still decent and the zombies game mode is “good.” But in this logic, I am basically telling you not to get the game but there is a reason why you (possibly if you didn’t buy it), me, and millions of others. They didn’t buy it for the multiplayer, the zombies, or for the sketchy campaign. They bought it because it’s a Call of Duty Game.