British Esports Championships For Schools And Colleges To Be Piloted

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The British Esports Association has announced first details of its inaugural British Esports Championships. The championships will run specifically for schools and college students and will get underway with a pilot including three games: League of Legends, Overwatch and Project CARS 2.

The four-part pilot will begin in February of this year and will involve a range of students aged between 12 to 19 from schools, further education colleges, library hubs and alternative provision (pupil referral units). Weekly matches will take place with pre-arranged fixtures and competitive teams will be made by schools and colleges after internal trials.

The aim of the pilot is to allow British Esports Association to understand the best, most effective ways of engaging young people with eSports through schools, colleges and libraries. The Association wants to educate parents, teachers, children, the media and government that eSports is a positive activity, with a range of benefits when played in moderation. The association believes it is a positive activity that develops teamwork, communication and leadership skills, improves confidence, decision-making and reaction times, and can boost reading comprehension skills, cyber skills and improve dexterity and concentration.

20 schools will be part of the initial pilot before the national championships are due to begin of September 2018. The championship will run for the full academic year until July 2019 with the grand final being planned for August 2019 at Insomnia games festival in Birmingham.

Gaming is not always seen in a positive light by those who do not partake, so this is an exciting move in educating the masses on the benefits of gaming. Are you excited to see eSports in schools? Let us know in the comments section or drop us a Tweet!

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