Overwatch's latest update has replaced the phrase "GG EZ" with a selection of hilarious phrases.
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The world of online gaming can sometimes be very toxic. While I don’t mind a genuine “GG” from time to time, the phrase “GG EZ” has always made my blood boil. I know I shouldn’t react; that’s exactly what the individual wants. But it’s very much like rubbing salt in the wound. And now it seems that Blizzard agree with me.


It should be no surprise that Overwatch is a popular game. It seems at least once a week there is some form of news about the game. Now it appears the newest Overwatch update is set to attempt to stop the use of the “GG EZ” phrase. The above image shows the possible responses that will appear in the chat instead of the phrase “GG EZ”. Don’t believe us? Check out the video below by Twitter user Malkythera that shows this in action. It’s worth noting that the phrases “GGEZ” or “G G E Z” are not changed, only ” GG EZ”.

I really hope that more developers take this on board with their games. Psyonix, please. I get this way too much in Rocket League. What games would you like to see this in? Let us know in the comments below.

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