Blizzard To Fix Players Being Wrongfully Punished In Overwatch

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Last week saw the release of Overwatch’s Competitive Play mode, but already players are complaining about issues with the mode. Players have come forward and complained that mid-game disconnections are leading to them penalised. When a player disconnects from a game of Competitive Play, there is a small chance that the player may rejoin without a penalty being issued. But if a penalty is issued this can result in either the player receiving a loss (even if the team win) or in the player losing some of their Skill Rating.


Now Overwatch’s Director, Jeff Kaplan, has taken to the Blizzard forums to slightly address the issue. Slightly. Responding to a user, on a thread claiming that the forum needs a blue post on losses after disconnection, Kaplan stated “We have some fixes coming (hopefully) next week”. No more details were given as to what the fixes were. Seems we’ll have to wait until next week, or longer, to see what happens.

It’s sad to see that players are being penalised for something that is beyond their control. But I’m glad that Blizzard are working on a fix. Let’s just hope that these fixes do work. Are you enjoying the Competitive Play mode? Let us know below!

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