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Recently Blizzard and Activision Inc announced that they will be working together to form a new Esports broadcasting network. The network will be permanently known as Bornstein said:

“We’re building a network dedicated to the thrill of competition and the passion of the fans, will play a defining role in realizing the full potential of this audience by creating meaningful, memorable and sharable content.”

With the lack in Esports viewing networks such as Twitch and Hitbox Esports fans have been thrown into a loop of watching lagging streams on Twitch or waiting the next day to watch the matches on YouTube. I myself hate when this happens when I’m trying to watch a league match like CLG vs SKT and the stream is so laggy that I have to wait until the next day to watch it on YouTube. With this they are planning to make the next big Esports broadcasting software. They will be broadcasting Esports such as ‘Call of duty, Doom. Smite, etc’. Esports has become an exiting place for gamers alike to go and watch the games they love to play be played at a professional level.


With this new site blizzard is planning to make a mark on the Esports community they are giving us a site that will hopefully not be laggy and be a place for all gamers of any kind to come and watch the games they love to play for free. If this works out blizzard and Activision will go down in Esports history. The site will launch during MLG Anaheim Opening the Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 tournament on June 10th 2016. ABMN’s NewFronts presentation opened with a video showcasing the division’s record-breaking live championship held last month.

I know that I will for sure be tuning in for this even though I am not a fan of the Call Of Duty Esports. This new site shows promises for the future of Esports viewing. Blizzard and Activision will be working on this an equal amount and neither company will do more than the other. This site is looking to be one of the best Esports viewing networks i have seen in a while from what I have read. If you all want to watch the debut of this website then visit here for more details on the site debuting June 10th 2016.

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