Biomutant Won’t Run At Native 4K On PS5

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Yesterday saw the release of raw, unedited gameplay of Biomutant. The footage is an update from what we saw last week, but there is one very important takeaway. The press release has revealed that Biomutant will not run at native 4K on launch, and there are seemingly no plans to change this post-release.

Biomutant PS5 footage upscaled to 4K

The press release includes a disclaimer regarding the PS5 footage. It explains that the footage was captured on a retail PS5, but the option for native 4K was deactivated. This was apparently due to “stability- and performance-related reasons.” The footage was captured in 1080p @60fps and then upscaled to 4K @60fps. The press release finishes by saying the this will remain deactivated for the release version, and it “will not be a native current-gen experience”. More information is set to follow soon.

Xbox Series X footage captured in native 4K

While we are sure that this news will upset many gamers, we can’t help but feel that this is ultimately for the better. Nobody wants to play a game with performance issues, but how do you feel about this news? Let us know in the comments below, or on our socials!

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