Bethesda Fixing Skyrim Audio Issues

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It has been reported that the Skyrim: Special Edition on PC or Xbox One has been having some audio issues. These include muffled audio, hollow, and muddled.Reddit user LasurArkinshade was one of the first gamers to notice the audio issues, and confirmed  the difference in quality by extracting the game’s audio files for comparison.

Bethesda’s global community lead, Matt Grandstaff, stated, “We’re currently testing a fix and hope to have an update out next week.” It is unclear how they are planning to fix the audio issues but it seems like a simple patch should do the trick. There has even been word about the PS4 version being downgraded to the original sounds from the 2011 version of the game.

However this has not been the only issue for the game. Skyrim has also had some problems on PC. Reports about Skyrim have shown that the game was crashing. Or they were saying it would not even boot up.

You might want to wait to buy Skyrim: Special Edition until bugs get worked out and patched up. Have you experienced any bugs yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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