Battlefield 1 Xbox One File Size Revealed

battlefield 1
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Battlefield 1 isn’t due to grace us ¬†with it’s presence until October 21st, yet some Reddit and NeoGAF users are reporting that the game has pre-loaded onto their Xbox One consoles. Reddit users were claiming that the game would take up 42.6GB of hard drive space, however no images were provided. Then NeoGAF user Theorry seemingly confirmed these reports, adding the below image to the conversation.

battlefield 1

In case you missed it a new campaign trailer was revealed for Battlfield 1, and it showcases the campaign’s multiple playable characters. You can find the trailer in our article.

Are you looking forward to Battlefield 1? I am personally really excited for the game, and cannot wait to play it. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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