Battlefield 1 Season Pass Details Revealed

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Dice and Electronic Arts have revealed what players will be getting if they purchase the Battlefield 1 season pass.

The ‘Premium Pass’ will include four major expansion packs and will cost $50 (roughly £38). The packs will allow players to take on roles of new armies introduced in the game. The first DLC called ‘They Shall Not Pass’ will make the French Army Playable and will be coming in March 2017. A Later expansion will make the Russian army playable.

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The four packs will include new game modes, elite classes, Operations, weapons, vehicles and 16 new multiplayer maps. Premium Pass owners will also receive 14 Battlefield 1 battlepacks which feature weapon skins and unique dog tags that will be released monthly. Premium Pass owners can also gain access to each expansion two weeks before those who purchase them separately.

The official Battlefield 1 website will update with new information and release dates for all of the content packs as it is available.

What are your opinions on Season passes? I for one have been stung before, have you had bad experiences? Let us know in the comments section below.

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