Battlefield 1 players have been hard at work, making the game DICE's biggest launch to date.
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According to details released on the Battlefield website, Battlefield 1 has become the most successful game ever to be launched by DICE. The post contains an inforgraphic, shown at the end of the article, and begins with a message from DICE’s content lead Jonas Elfving.

“Wow. You’ve really been keeping busy since the release of Battlefield™ 1. In the infographic below you’ll see some of the amazing stats you’ve contributed to in just over a week on the battlefield. We’re humbled by your efforts – thank you all for your great support. Let’s keep those numbers growing.”

In Battlefield 1’s first week players played 59 million hours of the game, with 9 million of those spent in operations. 32 million battlepacks have been earned, and 1.6 million Behemoths have been deployed. Players favourite melee weapon is the Scout Knife, and flame-troopers/anti-vehicle/sentries have taken out 123k horses.

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