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Battlefield 1 lead game designer has stated that he is hoping this year’s entry into the series will not suffer the same “difficult launch” as its predecessor Battlefield 4.

When asked by Gamesbeat what developers DICE will do to avoid a rocky launch like Battlefield 4, lead designer Daniel Berlin replied, “It’s a focus for us. We know it was a difficult launch.” He followed up with, “we released [Star Wars] Battlefront, which did really well. We are pushing an open Beta to ensure stability”. This echoes similar comments made by Battlefield 4 producer David Sirland back in 2014.

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Berlin also gave some information about the gameplay of the new title. He stated that the technology of the time that it is set such as slow reloading and a slower paced battle would not be an issue. “We need to make sure the weapons and vehicles are fun to use” Berlin said, before adding, “We can push and keep the pace you see in previous Battlefield games.”

For the full interview with Mr Berlin, visit Gamesbeat’s website.

Battlefield 1 will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 21st. There is no news as yet when the beta will begin but Gamesbulletin will report when more information is available.

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