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Yesterday saw the reveal of the first piece of free DLC for Gearbox Software’s first-person shooter Battleborn. The details were outlined in a press release, and revealed that the first of five free playable characters  will release next week for season pass holders.

The first character is Alani, who can control water and also has the ability to heal those on her team.

“Alani is a member of the Eldrid faction who was raised as a healer but forced to be a warrior, and is all that remains of her order after Rendain’s Jennerit Imperium stole the oceans from her world. As a warrior from a planet with vast seas, Alani’s attacks and abilities revolve around her power to control water to dish out pain, or heal her fellow Battleborn.”


It was also revealed that this weekend will see a Double XP event running from Friday, May 20th at 8am PDT to Wednesday, May 25th at 8am PDT. Players can earn double experience points from all story episodes and competitive multiplayer matches. Those of you with a Battleborn season pass will get access to this new character on May 24th, while everyone else can play as Alani from May 31st.

Are you guys enjoying Battleborn? I missed out on the beta personally but I do like what I have seen. Let us know your thoughts below.

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