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Hi everybody I'm John and I've been playing games ever since I can remember. It's been a huge part of my life along with my dogs, my family, and wrestling.

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Hi everybody I'm John and I've been playing games ever since I can remember. It's been a huge part of my life along with my dogs, my family, and wrestling.


Xbox One Gets Cheaper!

Reading Time: < 1 minute As of today, May 1st, there has been a new promotion regarding the Xbox One. Throughout the United States, stores have been offering $50 gift cards to their stores with the purchase of a brand new Xbox One. However, the system is back to its original $350 cost, but it is still a promotion that is worthwhile. Currently, PlayStation 4 does not have a deal like this, and is still at the $350 price point. Maybe Microsoft is offering this deal to increase the sales of their systems because PlayStation 4 has been outselling them. What do you think of […]


Xbox 360 Games For Xbox One!

Reading Time: 2 minutes As of April 28, 2016, Microsoft has added more games available for retro compatibility for Xbox One. This allows Xbox 360 games to be played on your new system, and this list is not at all limited, and more games are in fact on the way. These are the first 165 games that they have added to the list. Enough talking, take a look at these games! A Kingdom for Keflings A World of Keflings Aegis Wing Age of Booty Alan Wake Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Alien Hominid HD Altered Beast Assassin’s Creed Assassin’s Creed II Asteroids & Deluxe Banjo […]


Crashlands Review!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Crashlands is a game that can be played on PC, or on mobile devices. It is $20 for PC, and $5 for mobile. Having this game on mobile was much more convenient for me, so that is what I did, and I couldn’t be happier. The story begins with the main character Flux on a spaceship delivering 3 special packages with your robot companion Juicebox. The antagonist of the game Hewgo destroys your ship, and you and your friend crash on the planet Woanope, and the object of the game is to survive, but that is not your only objective. […]


New Dead Rising Movie!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Crackle has recently released information regarding the new Dead Rising movie. Dead Rising Endgame will come out on June 20 on a movie steaming service. Not too much else has been revealed about the movie besides a picture of the four main actors in the street. Take a look for yourself below. The actors include Jesse Metcalfe, Patrick Sabongui, Marie Avgeropoulos, and Ian Tracy. As for this new movie, I believe it is something that is going to be remembered. With hit TV shows like the Walking Dead, and other zombie shows and movies, I think this will just add […]


Madden NFL 2016 Review

Reading Time: 2 minutes The new Madden game has reached some big improvements since the last one. Not just through the new roster, but the overall game play has improved. You have more options when it comes to passing the ball, and as a defender as well. I have played past Madden games, however none of which compare, in most respects. Receivers have been given entirely new options. When you throw the ball to a receiver, you can choose how you want them to catch it. For example, if your receiver is covered by multiple people, you can choose for him to go for […]


Gears of War 4

Reading Time: < 1 minute Much news has come about the new Gears of War 4 game which has yet to be released. A few minor details involving the characters have surfaced, which included Marcus’s son, but news on the multiplayer seems to overtake everything else. Instead of having co-op being 4 players, it has now been reduced to 2, for on the console and online.   The story mode starts 25 years after the previous game ends on Sera. While having sustained massive amounts of population loss, a rebellious group arises called The Outsiders. Even though the locusts have been wiped out, people aren’t […]


Pick Your Price for Outlast!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Humble Indie Bundle 16 allows you to pay what you want for the infamous horror game Outlast! Along with this game, you can also pick your price for Retro City Rampage DX  and Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power. Although there is a minimum payment of $5.95, you can choose to pay more for higher tier games.  Some of the games that come with the higher tier are Trine 3 and Door Kickers. For just $2 more, you can also get Else Heart Break() and Sunless Sea. You can also decide how to distribute your money to the developers, charity, […]


Far Cry Primal Expert Mode?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Only if you have refined your skills to the ultimate limit may you try the new expert mode in Far Cry Primal. Coming to PC on March 1st, this new mode will have you put to the test as you battle for your life on Oros. Along with this update comes a few stability improvements, however the main focus for it is for the long-time players. Expert mode includes many things that both lower the player’s abilities as well as increase the enemies. This mode includes: lowering health of the player, enemies shoot faster, enemies do not show up on […]

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