Apex Legends Could Be Getting A New Character

Apex Legends
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Season Five of Apex Legends introduced weekly single-player quests into the game. The final of these quests is now live and has seemingly teased a new character and a new map for season six. While this is all entirely speculation, it would make sense given the lore that has accompanied these quests. To play this final quest you will need to have collected 45 treasure Packs. Spoiler warning if you wish to do this quest on your own!

Following completing the final quest of Season Six, a mission will unlock for the player. During this mission, the player will enter a vault, and see the below character. This character is believed to be Ash, from Titanfall 2. You will find her with her head missing, however, you replace her head. This seemingly brings her back to life and is speculated by Gamespot to be a sign that Ash may become a playable character.

Apex Legends

On top of this, dialogue between Lifeline and Octane may have revealed a new map for Apex Legends. The dialogue, shown below, mentions Olympus. Olympus was first teased as a future map prior to Season Four, and is the name of a city on Psamathe.

What do you think of this? Wild speculation, or planned foreshadowing by Respawn for what fans can expect from Season Six of Apex Legends? Let us know in the comments below, or drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter!

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