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Modern Warfare Remastered
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Let’s get the news out of the way, then I’ll chip in with my thoughts. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (likely one of the best shooters ever made) is now officially a standalone game. The standalone version of Modern Warfare Remastered costs $39.99, and doesn’t include the Variety Map Pack which will set you aside an extra $15 should you want it. Furthermore the standalone version is only available on PS4 for now, Xbox and PC dates are to be revealed soon.

Now for my thoughts. A while back, when Infinite Warfare launched, hordes of gamers rushed to buy the Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition, as that was the only way to play the remaster before now. I was working at a game store here in the UK, and of the gamers I spoke to who bought the Legacy Edition I would say over half bought that particular edition just because it was the only way to play Modern Warfare Remastered. Put that in perspective: People paid £70 for a remaster. Maybe they played Infinite Warfare, but that wasn’t the sole reason for their purchase. Fast forward to present day and here I am seeing that the rumours were true and the game is now standalone. Great news. Assuming you aren’t one of the gamers who bought the before mentioned Legacy Edition. And in all honesty, I feel sorry for those people.

Activision played you. They used your love of that game, your thirst for boots on the ground combat to make you pay £70 for a remaster. They bundled it with a game you (maybe) had no interest in buying and gave you no choice. That was the only way to play the remaster. And now later down the line here we are. I can now go and buy the remaster for £35. Just to rub salt in the wounds (as of writing this) those who have the Legacy Edition still need the disc of Infinite Warfare to play their copy of the remaster. They can’t even sell the disc and download a file to continue playing the remaster (although this may change).

What Activision have done (while admittedly clever business) is disgusting, and highlights exactly what Activision think of their customers. We are not gamers to them. We are merely numbers to them. Numbers that generate profit for them. They knew people would buy the Legacy Edition; they knew people would pay £70 for a game just to get to a remastered classic. And it seems that when CoD sales weren’t up to scratch  Activision decided to sell the remaster individually. Effectively screwing over all of those loyal fans who paid for the Legacy Edition.

Those are just my thoughts though. What are yours? Let me know in the comments below!

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