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Nintendo Switch
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I have had a week with the Nintendo Switch now, and I really do like what Nintendo have done overall with the system. However, in this time of use I have found some issues the Nintendo Switch is currently facing. I did mention some of these in my review of the console – but I will look into with a bit more detail this time around.

I am not looking into the hardware issues being reported around the internet, because these are not issues I have faced, and are more faults than anything.

The Launch Titles
I know this is a problem everyone is aware of really, but the launch line up just wasn’t strong enough for the console. The only stand out title available on launch was Zelda: Breath of the Wild. OK, that might be enough for some people at the moment due to the size of the game, but I think they could have offered more on release of the console. Looking at the other psychical release games, you have;

1-2 Switch – I feel is very much the sort of party/technical demo game many gamers would have expected to be free with a console by Nintendo. I know they said they didn’t want to force players into owning games they did not want, but to me that was an easy excuse to get around why it wasn’t with the console.

Super Bomberman R – I did purchase this because I am a massive fan of Bomberman, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a new one. But, I was shocked at the price tag that came along with this – I thought it would be a game you would pick up for around £30-35, but £49.99 was a bit steep. Given this I don’t think anyone who was not a fan of the game is going to pick this up at that price, and maybe some fans wouldn’t have either.

Nintendo Switch

Just Dance 2017 – A very niche market in a series that I feel is getting old now, not really a console seller. Also, this is available on other consoles and has been since 2016.

Skylanders: Imaginators – Another game that is dying down in my opinion. Now I know this would have been aimed at the children market for the console, but again I feel it’s not a console seller, and as with Just Dance it’s been available since 2016 on other consoles. So, it’s highly likely the people who want it already have it on other consoles – maybe if it was new Skylanders title, this could have made sense.

There was a few titles released on the eShop as well, with a lot of them being Neogeo titles, which I don’t see being massive sellers. Some popular indie games from other consoles like I am Setsuna, and Shovel Knight and other indie titles like VOEZ and Vroom In The Night Sky. But, again none of these are massive games that are reasons to pay out £280.

There was two titles on the eShop that got my attention in Snipperclips, which from playing the demo seems like it could be a gem of title; especially if you have two player games. The other title is FAST RMX, which I purchases today, but have not found the time to play at the moment. Yet again though, I don’t see either of these title being reason to get the console, but they’re nice additions if you did.

That leaves Zelda: Breath of the Wild as the only reason to get the console at this moment in time, but will many people want to pay the £280 to play the one game, if they don’t already own a Wii U? Because lets not forget this game is not exclusive to the Switch.

Friend Codes and Features
Let’s start with the thing that I have never been effected by, the return of the friends codes. I have never bothered with the friends side of Nintendo’s products, because my Wii was essentially an over priced and sized paper weight – well until friends came around and we decided to play bowling. But, from friends input and the general reaction of the internet when they were removed, I really can’t see the reason they were re-introduced this time around – and now I have dealt with them I see why people hated them.

Nintendo Switch

For me given this is going to be a paid for subscription service later in the year, it seems they have taken a step backwards in their online infrastructure. I really do hope once the paid system is introduced in fall this year, that they return to the friends system without the friend codes.

Then this is matched with very few features that it has been boxed with. So, after the annoying way of adding friends, you find little you can actually do – apart from check each others profile and see when they first played games. Meaning at the moment there is no message system, or anything along those lines.

I understand a lot of these functions will be introduced in the future, and I think they will most likely be introduced when the mobile companion app is introduced (mid-2017 according to the news on the Switch news section). But, to me with the lacking online options available this should have been available

Online Options
Now lets look at the online options, again this is offering very little at launch. Don’t worry you can join online games, but you can not lobby up with friends fully at the moment. As I mentioned in the review I have played a number of games of Super Bomberman R against people and not suffered connection issues – well a few lag spikes, but that expected on any console platform.

It is well-known a lot of the social part of the Nintendo Switch is coming in the companion application for your smart phone/device; which I hope launches all the features in the application on day one. The reason being there is currently no chat with other players at all, meaning at this present time the Playstation Network doesn’t seem that anti-social.

For me taking the lack of online features and the previously mentioned friend system issues, it really does seem the whole online part is a massive BETA. I know it is free until Fall 2017, but to me I think people would like to have more functions and it being a lot more friendly towards gaming with others on release.

Nintendo Switch

Missing Other Applications
When part of the products big selling point is that it is giving a hand-held mode, it has launched with no applications. I would say that it needs applications like;

A Web-browser – A massive part of being on the go with devices is a web-browser, so you can check everything on the go. I understand many people will also have a smart phone with them, so that is an option – but one on the system wouldn’t have gone a miss.

Netflix – Again another big thing on tablets these days is Netflix, and its a popular application. Given the fact it’s there in your hand for on your travels, it would be nice being able to jump onto Netflix if you wanted a break from gaming.

Twitch – I mentioned this in the review, I think with the modern-day side of gaming that players like streaming services, and using them to either stream or watch. So, the fact this is missing seems like they let one slip past them at launch – even if it was just the watching side to start, it wouldn’t harm them if people are watching they’re games.

YouTube – This is a given on everything these days, well apart from the Switch. I really don’t feel I need to explain this one, and why it should be on there.

I would mention the likes of Twitter and Facebook – but you can post your screenshots to these, and if it had a web-browser you could get to them that way also.

Trophies/Achievements System
I really think this is something Nintendo with never introduce onto their system, if they planned on it they would have by now. Plus, they’ve previously mentioned that they feel the games should the reward. However, I feel that this is something they should introduce because it could entice a new load of gamers to their console.

Don’t get me wrong I am not a trophy/achievement hunter on either console, but it does give you the feel like you are doing stuff for a reason. But, I do know people who give games more and more time because they want the Platinum or the 100% completion, to say that they have done it. It seems like the introduction of this might not only bring new gamers to them, but might unleash something new to gamers who enjoy their console already.

This is what I feel the Nintendo Switch is missing at launch. Like I have said through-out my write-up some of these will come in the future – but it would have been a lot better if it was there at launch. Unfortunately, I don’t think some of them will ever be introduced going forward, which is a shame.

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