3lb Games have developed a movement tool for virtual reality that will help to eliminate motion sickness.
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3lb Games have developed a movement script for the Oculus Touh and the HTC Vive that will help to reduce the motion sickness that often comes with playing using a virtual reality headset. The tool is intended to aid developers in deciding which movement system is the best for their game/application.

The tool works by allowing developers to better signal the player’s intent to move, improving the connection between the player’s intention to move and their perception. By eliminating the sensory conflict, 3lb Games can remove one of the biggest factors in motion sickness. The tool brings together movement intent and action, making movement feel natural and fluid. 3lb Games have created this tool with the intention of making it available to other developers, creating a common base for a VR experience.

The movement system is a comprehensive package for the Oculus Touch and the HTC Vive. It can also be modified for other virtual reality headsets. It includes the following modes:

●       Hand-Guided Movement
●       Point and Shoot Rotation
●       Teleportation (NavMesh)
●       Flight/Grounded
●       Stick Rotation (Oculus Touch only)
●       Quick Stick Rotate (Oculus Touch only)
●       Forward Blink
●       Non-Touch (Oculus Touch only)
●       Line Arc System
●       Rubberband Movement
●       VR Fade System

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