The team over at 2K have released a plethora of information on what players of their upcoming title Mafia III will receive after release from free to paid.
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The team over at 2K have released a plethora of information on what players of their upcoming title Mafia III will receive after release, from free to paid content.

First lets take a look at the free content, which will recur throughout the games release. 2K have announce that the free content will be available to everyone, never mind when they get the game; be it pre-ordered, a day one purchase, or a late adopter. Here is a break down on what they will be delivering for free after the game launches.

New Character Outfits
2K have announced this is one of the most requested additions from the series fans. Meaning this coming, so players will be able to define exactly how they want Lincoln to look.

New Weapons
Already confirmed for 30 days after the games release, all players will receive the golden weapons pack which will include “Judge, Jury and the Executioner”.

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Extra Vehicle Customization
For all you automotive nuts, after the games release more customization options for your ride will be added. You can upgrade your whip with new wheels, paint jobs and custom licence plates. Hold on there is more, yes they will be bringing performance enhancing upgrades to your vehicles.

This is chance for you to take your upgraded custom vehicle out on the city streets, and enter a series of races. 2K have announced they will release more information on how the races will work in the future.

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They have also confirmed more free stuff will be coming also.

As well as all this free stuff on offer, 2K will also be releasing three major paid expansions. Here are the quick teasers they have released about the three expansions.

Faster Baby

Fast cars, dramatic chases, and stunt driving take center stage as Lincoln joins forces with his former flame, Roxy Laveau, to take down a corrupt Sheriff terrorizing Civil Rights activists on the outskirts of New Bordeaux.

Sign of the Times

A string of ritualistic killings has New Bordeaux on the edge of terror. At Father James’ request, Lincoln agrees to hunt down the cult responsible, a quest that will take him from the dark heart of the old bayou to the drug-ridden counterculture of the inner city.

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Stones Unturned

When a merciless rival resurfaces in New Bordeaux, Lincoln must join forces with CIA agent John Donovan to settle a blood feud that began in the war-torn jungles of Vietnam.

Along with the extra stories and characters the paid content will bring, you will also get new activites to help expand your criminal empire. A long with exclusives weapons, vehicles, outfits and races based around the contents theme.

They will be two options for getting the season pass, it will be bundles with the deluxe and collectors editions of the game, or can be purchased separately. However, if you are not interested in all of the expansions, you can buy them separately. But, 2K have warned to buy them all separately it will come in more expensive (£33.99) if you decided you want the rest at a later date. Where the season pass would cost you £25.59 (or if you by the deluxe edition of the game at £69.99, you would save further money over all as this includes the game and the season pass).

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