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A redditor by the username of itsgamerdoc has spent a lot of time mining through The Division’s files and, thanks to them, we have a LOT of details regarding The Division. The reddit post does list some spoilers as to the game’s story, but this article will be spoiler free. 

The post, which contains several links to files itsgamerdoc has created listing his findings, states that there will be 26 missions available to play at the game’s launch tomorrow. 

taken from wikipedia
taken from wikipedia

The post also explains that 138 weapons were found in the game files, as well as a waterplane and a helicopter with miniguns attached to it.  There was also a mission list, with the main one that caught my attention being called ‘Kill The Tank’. Yep, you read that right. 

The reddit post is available by clicking here. But do be warned, the linked documents do contain some spoilers to the game so be cautious. 

The Division is set to release March 8th for Playstation4, Xbox One and PC.