Super Mario Maker’s Recent Update

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Super Mario Maker continues to roll out new and exciting free updates. This time around they have added a couple new items that will change the way you go about creating levels. Now when shaking a thwomp it will turn into a skewer from Super Mario World. Shaking a P switch will turn it into a key, and shaking a door will make it into a key door. You can hide keys in blocks or have enemies hold them, making levels where you can not continue unless you find the key or defeat the boss. If you shake the coin it will now turn into a pink coin with a key symbol on it. You can set these coins up in various locations forcing the player to find all of the pink coins to continue with the level. A new difficulty has also been added to the 100 Mario challenge, it is called Super Expert Mode. Super Expert Mode will unlock after completing expert mode. 

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The price for beating this Super Expert Mode is unlocking more rare mystery mushroom costumes. This new update will be available to download on March 9, 2016. Check out Nintendo’s video showcasing all of the new things coming to the next Super Mario Maker update.  

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