<p>Xbox marketing executive is blown away by recent Gears 4 gameplay</p>
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Recently Aaron Greenberg, the marketing executive for Xbox, was lucky enough to play the latest version of Gears 4 and he was apparently very impressed, claiming the game is in “VERY good hands”. He was invited by The Coalition producer Rob Ferguson and as you can see it went well.

Greenberg also made a slight tease towards Gears 4’s upcoming beta. We have no word as to when the beta is set to begin, but it’s expected that more details will emerge soon. It is possible to receive early access to the beta when it does go live, assuming that you played Gears of War Ultimate Edition before March 1st. 

A while back Phil Spencer, executive of Xbox, claimed that Gears 4 is making stunning progress. All of this added together makes me think that I need to go buy myself an Xbox One. 

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