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Dragon Quest 7 Fragments of Forgotten Past was originally released on Playstation system in 2000. Japan had received a remake of the game in 2013 and now in 2016 Dragon Quest 7 will be heading over to the west.  This game has been completely remade for the Nintendo 3DS. The world itself has been rebuilt and the characters were given brand new 3D models. The story to Dragon Quest has also been completely retranslated. You play as a young boy named Oster, the son of a very famous fisherman that seeks adventure. He gets his wish and sets off on an adventure with a man named Prince Kiefer and witty girl named Maribel. 

Using a device know as the “Fragment Detector” Oster searches for fragments of a stone tablet. Once these fragments of the tablet are placed together, the trio go into the past to save the present. While you play you will conduct in familiar turned based combat with a multitude of various enemies being thrown at you. To defeat these enemies you are given over thirty classes to choose from with their own unique moves and abilities. Dragon Quest 7 Fragments of Forgotten Past will be available on the Nintendo 3DS later this year.