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Speculation is beginning to spread regarding Ubisoft’s Far Cry Primal and in all honesty it is not good.

Now personally I haven’t touched the Far Cry series since Far Cry 3. I played Far Cry 3 and I loved that game. Everything about that game made me want to play more and I loved every second. But after that, nothing really grabbed my attention and I didn’t feel that Far Cry 4 warranted me buying.

Everything I saw, both pre and post release, of Far Cry 4 seemed like a very obvious reskin of Far Cry 3 and I didn’t buy the game simply because it felt like nothing was really added.

But Far Cry Primal seemed different. It felt as if Ubisoft had actually added something to the game. The whole hunter/gatherer vibe to the game had me intrigued. This, in addition to Hannah’s review, had me considering buying the game.

Then there’s the speculation I mentioned at the beginning of this article. According to a Game Pressure article  Ubisoft have essentially recycled the map from Far Cry 4 to use on Far Cry Primal.

Far Cry 4 Map. Taken from Game Pressure  Far Cry 4 Map. Taken from Game Pressure Far Cry Primal Map. Taken from Game Pressure  Far Cry Primal Map. Taken from Game Pressure

The speculation comes from the maps of the two games. As shown in the pictures above, there are some similarities between the maps. The bulk of the claim is based upon the water structures of the maps. As you can see (highlighted in red) they are scarily similar. Game Pressure added that Takkar’s village is placed in the exact same location as a village in Far Cry 4.

I’m sure there is good reason for this. And we here at Games Bulletin have contacted Ubisoft to attempt to clarify the situation. I’m going to hold any presumptions I have about this until we hear back from Ubisoft, but in all honesty I hope there is a genuine reason for this and it isn’t just lazy designing.