Players Are Reportedly Being Locked Out Of The Division

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Reports are beginning to emerge that some players are being locked out of their The Division accounts. Players claim that shortly after crafting a high-end backpack the backpack would disappear and a little while later players would be locked of their accounts.

Reddit users have reported the issue on the Division’s subreddit,¬†with some users stating they have been reporting the issue for a week and haven’t received any help.

One user, Bloodborne333, had a lot to say about the issue (you can see his full post here):

“A good company would be upfront about its issues working with its players to fix the issue ASAP especially game breaking ones like this. Least of all they should be ready to compensate players for the hassle and trouble of missing so many days of not being able to play. I’m not asking for handouts but a good dev would try to do right by its players”.

“We have posted countless times for over a week now in the tech support forums, we have called and talked to customer support who have been useless and no help at all. The only replies we have had was a mod/rep on the forums telling us to stop spamming ( when we have yet to be replied to ) that they are working on it”.

Ubisoft community manager Natchai Stappers posted on The Division’s forums asking players to give information to help resolve the issue, asking for things such as; platform, gamertag, if players had crafted a high-end backpack and any error codes amongst other things. As of writing the post currently has 26 pages of replies, showing this is a pretty widespread problem.

If you have encountered this bug do head over to post (found here) and give the details needed to help with this bug. Games Bulletin will update you when things progress. A video showing the bug is available below.

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