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As I was about to post this article I noticed the links I was due to post are no longer working. The team’s ModDB page and Galaxy in Turmoil’s forums  are no longer working. Hopefully Disney, who own the licence to Star Wars, have not gotten involved to close the project down.


Eurogamer have discovered that a team of Star Wars fans are attempting to remake the cancelled Star Wars Battlefront III. The Russian-based modding team, known as Frontwire Studios, are working to revive the title as part of a project named “Galaxy in Turmoil”.

Taken from GameSpot  Taken from GameSpot

A line from the team’s ModDB page reads:

“‘Galaxy in Turmoil’ (previously ‘Project Rebuild (FRD) BF3’) by Frontwire Studios plans to remake what Battlefront III was meant to be”

The game will feature maps from both Tattooine and Hoth, as well supporting flying vehicles such as the X-Wing and Y-Wing. The game will also have weapons such as Republic Missile Launcher, Z6 Rotary Blaster Cannon, and the A280C Blaster Rifle.

Galaxy in Turmoil is being developed using Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 and the team at Frostwire claim that the game will not cost anything. Seeing as Disney own the licence to Star Wars there is still the chance Disney might get involved and close this project down.